5 things I liked this week – 1.6.18

1. I went for a lovely walk in Home Park (the park next to Hampton Court) at the weekend.

2. I’m ‘enjoying’ watching Handmaid’s Tale now that it’s back on TV, ‘enjoying’ as in I’m appreciating how well made it is and what an important story it is but it is a very uncomfortable watch.

3. I’m very rarely buying craft books at the moment but I couldn’t resist Jen Hewlett’s Print Pattern Sew. I saw someone mention it on social media and I tried to find it in my local bookstore but couldn’t (I try really hard to buy craft and cook books in bookstores, so I can make sure that the projects/recipes are stuff that I actually want to make), so anyway, I took a chance and bought a copy from Amazon and oh it was worth the risk, it’s a brilliant book! It’s basically a set of sewing patterns for clothes and accessories where you print the fabric first with block printing (of course if you really like the sewing patterns you could make them in ‘normal’ fabric too). As well as instructions on how to sew the projects, there’s also instructions on how to block print and do various repeats but the block designs that Hewett uses are not explicitly part of the book, there are detailed photos of them but you’re encouraged to make your own designs (just thought I’d mention that).

4. This winter / spring I was working on a volunteer project for a museum in London, doing research. The volunteer period finished in April but I got a chance to go back and help with another session this week, which was lovely. It’s for a display that will be up in the museum in October and this week we were working on the design of it.

5. I’m a big fan of Headspace, I love the app and the app is all you really need to get into meditating but I thought I’d also read the Get Some Headspace book. I have it on Kindle – Audible, so I can switch between the two, although a bit annoyingly for some reason the two aren’t syncing like Kindle – Audible books normally do but listening to the audio version is nice because it’s narrated by Andy Puddicombe (Headspace guy), so it’s like listening to a very extended ‘Everyday Headspace’ (the meditation on the app which changes everyday and Andy talks about something meditation related first). Anyway, with the book, I haven’t really learnt that much new (although there have been a few things, I like the pond analogy, which I haven’t heard on the app and there’s more stuff on sleep and walking meditations) but Andy has some quite funny stories about his life as a monk, so it’s worth reading for just those alone, he also writes about some interesting case studies, including using himself as an example. Anyway, if you’re curious about Headspace but don’t want to tie yourself to the app, you may like the book because it covers the same principles.

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