5 things I liked this week – 25.5.18

1. We made friends with next door’s cat.

2. The new(ish) Plan B album, Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose.

3. I revisited the The Future Starts Here exhibition at the V&A, this time with my kids. It was definitely more fun visiting it with other people and this time I got to see the laundry robot actually working and I actually stopped and noticed the display about Nest, Alexa and Jibo, which was pretty cute (and I want a Jibo!).

4. I currently have two jobs and one of them involves commuting! My other job, which I’ve had for nearly seven years now is work from home. Working from home is great but there’s no buffer, I can finish work and be doing the laundry, cooking tea, the next minute and that isn’t particularly good. Having a job where I have to commute, gives me that buffer I’ve been craving for years, you can’t quite beat that feeling of getting on that train and being able to relax.

5. Whilst at the V&A this week, we also saw the Fashioned From Nature exhibit, now this was something I may have enjoyed more without the kids (they’re not big fans of fashion exhibits, although they both liked the McQueen exhibition a few years back, that one was so well done, I dare anyone not to have liked that). A ‘highlight’ though of Fashion From Nature was on quite prominent display and was a complete blast from the past for me, a Lynx campaign tshirt that I had as a teenager and was so proud of (obviously it wasn’t my old tshirt on display). I still remember buying it in Cambridge and being so excited by it and wearing it so proudly. So I am officially old enough to see clothes that I wore in fashion exhibitions now, groan.

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