5 things I liked this week – 18.5.18

1. A nice walk in Richmond Park.

2. A trip to the V&A to see The Future Starts Here, it was the first exhibition I’ve seen in the new exhibition space and *ahem* I may have preferred the actual space over the actual exhibition (the exhibition space is amazing) but it was pretty good.

3. Also amazing at the V&A is their new Members Room, it’s very posh and is an actual proper restaurant now, although they do have a lounge area too. I recommend the rosemary chips.

4. I’ve been using reverse image search to try and identify the flowers that I’ve been embroidering, if I don’t know what it is. I’ve been using that reverse image mobile site, that allows you to access Google reverse image search but images don’t always load and sometimes it thinks that my image is a flower that doesn’t really look like my flower at all. I used a plant identification app, for a while, but that was rubbish. I’ve recently started using the Bing mobile app (hey Microsoft, your advertising campaign has worked on me) and although that isn’t 100% accurate either, it’s definitely the best of the three options.

5. Getting to pop into my favourite bakery, Gail’s, please do / don’t open a branch in Kingston, I’d love it but my waistline wouldn’t!

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