5 things I liked this week – 11.5.18

1. I have yet to do the next stage of the Thames Path, I think in part because the last stage I did (the south bank central London section) was so bleurgh, particularly compared to the stage before (Putney to Battersea) which I absolutely loved, that I almost don’t want to do the next stage of the Thames Path (Tower Bridge and down towards the Docklands) in case that too is bleurgh, although I know it shouldn’t be, logically, I used to live in that area, so I know that the route should be nice. Anyway, I still haven’t done the next section but as I was in the area, I did do most of the Putney – Battersea section again this week, this time going Battersea – Putney direction and I am pleased to report that the route is still absolutely lovely.

2. I saw a cat on the Tube! Apparently it does the journey everyday.

3. I finally ticked Chelsea Physic Garden off my ‘to see’ list this week (*ahem* only been living in London for 20 years). I really liked their greenhouses, apparently built in 1902, they survived two wars! They really reminded me of the beginning of Natasha Pulley’s The Bedlam Stacks.

The rest of it was okay, it felt a little sparsely planted in some places.

4. I am currently reading The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and it is so good, it starts off a little “hmm, I’m not sure if I like this book or not” but that’s, I think, because you’re discovering things along with the main character and when you (and the main character) finally realise what’s going on, it gets increasingly tense and nail biting. I’m at that stage where I’m just over halfway through the book and I’m already “argh, this is so tense, please hero, figure out the solution and put me out of my misery”. Anyway, if you like the idea of Quantum Leap crossed with Agatha Christie, this one’s for you.

5. We have a new fridge! Okay it’s turned out to be slightly too big for our kitchen but oh we needed a bigger fridge, so what if we *ahem* can’t open the fridge or freezer doors fully. Our old fridge, where you could at least open the fridge door fully, was way too small for a family of two adults, a teenager and an almost teenager. I was also getting concerned about how fresh it was keeping our food. It’s been such a pleasure pouring out a glass of properly chilled juice.

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