On the menu – quinoa taco meat


The not eating soy, chickpeas and lentils is getting a real drag, soy not so much so, although it’s a pain how much stuff has soy in but oh lentils! What I would do for a lentil bolognese or a taste of lentil sloppy joe. I am planning on trying some gentle reintroduction, starting with chickpeas this month. I’m hoping that these intolerances which appeared after a summer where I had abdominal surgery which resulted in a burn, which luckily they spotted and repaired, on my small intestine, followed by gastric flu six weeks later, triggered the intolerances, so I’m hoping that time may have healed things 🤞. Anyway lentils aren’t until next month but luckily I’ve found a recipe that can satisfy my meaty without the meat cravings, Quinoa Taco Meat from Minimalist Baker and oh it was good. It reminded me, in a nice way, of the veggie reconstituted stuff my mum used to make me when I was a teenager and more properly vegetarian. It’s very spicy and when I make again (which I will), I may reduce the chilli powder a bit but other than that, like I said, soooo good. I particularly like that as well as tasting gorgeous, it’s versatile (I can so imagine this on jacket potatoes etc) and if you make a batch of it, it keeps in the fridge for 4-5 days and is easy to reheat. My opportunities to cook are decreasing (this weekly blog post may become a little sporadic), I’m really looking into stuff I can make in bulk and keep in the fridge for days when I don’t have that much time to cook and I think that this recipe will be perfect.

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