Embroidery Workshops Sampler

My love for Dropcloth samplers continues, I’d bought Rebecca Ringquist’s book, Embroidery Workshops, a while ago and hadn’t realised there was a sampler in the back! When I realised, I pounced on it and had a lot of fun stitching it up, this is the result.

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I continue to love learning new stitches even though I’ve been embroidering for years, with this sampler it was the woven picot stitch, which is very neat (well, maybe not exactly my worked examples) and it was good to get a refresher on woven spider webs and the dreaded bullion stitch.

The book itself is lovely too, as well as the sampler, there are projects such as vintage ribbon coasters (which I so want to make), embroidered t-shirts, hankies, needlebook cases, jewellery, artwork etc. I have no idea why, having bought the book ages ago, it took me so long to properly pick up and use it!

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