5 things I liked this week – 13.4.18

  1. Calm train journeys.
  2. Exploring Bradlaugh Fields with K.
  3. Coming home (nothing beats your own space).
  4. Visiting The London Museum of Water and Steam with my dad and kids.
  5. Discovering, about a week after my mother in law gave me an Easter Egg that I thought I couldn’t eat (due to soy), that instead of soy lecithin, it had sunflower lecithin! The Easter Egg was very promptly consumed. (For the record it was an Aero Chocolate Bubbles egg, I don’t know if normal Aeros are also sunflower lecithin, I will have to check, not that I’m a big fan of Aeros – much prefer Wispas – but still, chocolate. I also recently discovered that Starbucks also do a chocolate bar with sunflower lecithin, which was perfectly edible chocolate. Hopefully sunflower lecithin will be increasingly a thing* and whilst they’re at it, will food manufacturers STOP PUTTING SOY FLOUR INTO BREAD, thank goodness for Jackson’s).

*Sunflower lecithin is meant to be a lot better for you than soy lecithin too, even if you don’t have a soy intolerance.

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