The London Museum of Water and Steam

We went to the London Museum of Water and Steam today, we’ve lived nearby for years but it’s never been high on my ‘to see’ list, so today was the first time.

steam museum-3

And it was surprisingly quite interesting. I’m still not a massive steam engine fan but the opening gallery about water use in London was quite interesting and then when you get into the rest of the museum with all their ginormous steam engines, you can’t help be impressed by their scale and gorgeous colours. It’s in a beautiful old building too and the whole place has that lovely old working museum smell (although none of the engines were actually working, which disappointed my dad). It reminded me of St. Fagans National Museum of Wales, which is one of my favourite places on Earth, with all their old buildings that have that lovely smell too.

steam museum-4

Even with it still being the Easter holidays, it wasn’t the busiest museum in the world but that was quite nice too (although I’m sure that the museum would love more visitors), as when you were wandering around the engines on your own, you got far more of a sense of scale, I think.

steam museum-5

Also, as a connoisseur of museum shops, their museum shop is nice.

steam museum-6steam museum-7steam museumsteam museum-8

(No On The Menu this week, I’ve unfortunately not had that much time to cook properly)

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