On the menu – spring roll bowl and jerk aubergine


(Underneath all that is noodles)

This is my slightly adapted version of Pinch of Yum Spring Roll Bowls, I missed the herbs, although they would have been nice, as would have been the peppers (the recipe suggested serrano peppers, which I’ve never seen here, I think jalapeños would have been a good substitute but I didn’t have any), no avocado (bleurgh) and I altered the dressing a bit, coconut aminos instead of fish sauce and sesame oil instead of vegetable oil. Anyway, the result was really nice, would definitely make again.


This was another brilliant recipe from Minimalist Baker, Jamaican Jerk Grilled Eggplant (aka aubergine). This was absolutely gorgeous and so easy to do too, once you’ve dug all your spices out of the cupboard.

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