Sneak peek – a ‘finished’ sampler (and our new bedroom)

I finished my Dropcloth Creativebug sampler yesterday, here it is hanging up in its temporary home on my new desk*. I’ve fallen in love with Dropcloth samplers, I didn’t realise but I actually already had one, I bought Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops book, some time ago, I was looking through it again recently and I hadn’t realised that there’s actually a sampler in an envelope at the back, so I’m so going to do that! I’m aiming to do even more than just that, over time, so my aim is to eventually, get all my samplers together and make a fabric book of sorts.

* As I mentioned my new desk, here’s a peek at that too, I am so pleased with it (K is a star for putting it up for me). I never thought we’d be able to get a desk in this room. The desk is from Ikea. We have had to reduce our storage to get it in, there had been a book case there before, but it was awful storage, stuff kept on getting rammed in and forgotten about. Sorting out all my stuff, how come I had so much ribbon and sewing thread? I had no idea I had that much! So, anyway, I had to be a bit ruthless and chuck some stuff out, this is streamlined crafting/painting Jo.

This was all made possible with the purchase of a new bed (also from Ikea). Our old bed had a large footboard, so a desk wouldn’t have worked.

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