5 things I liked this week – 30.3.18

  1. Finally doing the Beverly Brook Walk.
  2. Getting a new front door! We live in a 1930s flat and although we’d love to keep as many original features as we can, there’s only so long that things like windows and doors, put in in the 30s, can last. We had to replace the windows a few years after we moved in, which was a shame because they had lovely, old, uneven, twinkly glass in, but they were rotting and as cold as hell, which was how our front door got, in the end. It also was not really secure. So now we have a nice new shiny, much more secure door, it’s almost like living in a new flat, well, it’s considerably less drafty!
  3. Other home improvements are also being done, with a trip to Ikea last weekend to get a new bed and a new desk and shelves for me. K and I have been sleeping on Ikea beds and mattresses since we first started buying furniture together (a very long time ago now) but we deviated from Ikea mattress-dom a couple of years ago (trying to be all grown up) when we bought what turned out to be the world’s worse mattress from somewhere that wasn’t Ikea (it was a well known brand too). This mattress, honestly, it caused warfare between me and K, it had a large dip right in the middle and one side of the bed was considerably higher than the other side of the bed, so whoever was sleeping on that side would roll into the dip in the middle of the mattress and be cursed to eternity by the person being squeezed off the other side of the bed. Although we absolutely should not have had to be buying another new mattress, only two years after buying that one, for the sake of a decent night’s sleep and marital harmony, we had to and we’ve gone back to good old Ikea mattresses. As we were buying a new mattress, we thought we’d buy a new frame too, our bedroom is very small and having a bed with a large footboard, even though I loved it, really wasn’t working, so we’ve gone for a bed without one this time. The desk is a thin wall mounted one, which will be squeezed in (literally) at the end of the bed, instead of the bookcase that was there and we’ve bought some shelves that match the desk, for storage instead. I will have less storage space but I am going to have to be ruthless with my craft stuff.
  4. Thinking about the future and exploring new opportunities, I have a rudimentary plan!
  5. I may be in danger of becoming a bit of a meditation bore but meditation really is brilliant, it’s only 3 to 20 minutes out of your day (it’s 3 minutes if I’m having trouble finding time to squeeze it in, 20 minutes if I’m extra frazzled, although when I’m extra frazzled, that’s often on a day when I can only find a 3 minute spot, normally it’s 10* or 15 minutes) but it really does influence the rest of your day and I’m seeing so many unexpected benefits (see point 4). (*When I do 10 minutes, it really does not feel like 10 minutes, it feels much shorter, so the end bit of the meditation always comes as a surprise).

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