Beverly Brook Walk

I finally got round to doing the Beverly Brook Walk today, I’ve done bits of it before but not all of it. It runs along the Beverly Brook, through Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park and along various other smaller commons near the Thames.

It’s not, to be honest, the most exciting walk in the world but I’m fickle and I tend to prefer completely new routes over routes I’ve walked partially before. I’d also forgotten (again) that Wimbledon Common, at any time of year other than the middle of a drought, in the height of summer is extremely muddy. Put it this way, if you’re looking for a good place to train for Tougher Mudder or whatever, Wimbledon Common is your place. So, what with the extreme mud, the *yawn, I’ve seen this before*, the quite large chunk of walking through streets with no sight of the brook at all and just the general greyness of the day, I didn’t take many photos, however you can’t beat a good overgrown graveyard.

And a bridge.

I also had the pleasant surprise of seeing the Queen’s Boat, practicing on the Thames, when I came out on the river at Putney.

I’d forgotten that The Boat Race was on today, everyone was busy setting up.


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