5 things I liked this week – 23.3.18

1. It’s fill stitches this week on the Creativebug embroidery challenge and I am so enjoying it, learning some new stuff too.

2. The sun on the Thames.

3. An excellent parents evening with Z, he’s doing really well at his new secondary school, he even seems to have morphed into a boy who contributes to class discussions, something he struggled with until probably the last year of primary school. It was good that his teachers also recognised when certain things were genuinely more tricky for Z to do.

4. I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Michael McDowell’s Blackwater for quite some time now, it’s very long (about 30 hours) and at first it took a little more longer than normal for me to get into than with other Michael McDowell’s, so I was listening to a bit then going and listening to something else, then listening to a bit more then so on and so on. Anyway, I’ve properly hit my stride with the book over the last week or two and I am now absolutely loving it as much as I love all the other Michael McDowell books. It’s a massive family epic set in the early 20th Century in the southern United States and it’s been fantastic watching characters get born and grow into adulthood, it’s also quite sad when one of your favourite characters dies, although the ending for my most favourite character was poignantly bittersweet (even more so because the audiobook narration is excellent). And of course, being a Michael McDowell book, it has a river monster in it too. It is so sad that McDowell died relatively young and these days his stuff isn’t that well known, his books are a masterclass in writing strong women (in his books, the women are usually the dominant characters and the good guys and the men often a bit clueless) and he was excellent at taking an ordinary situation and adding an unusual twist and then seeing what happens. In the case of Blackwater it was “what would happen if a river monster married into a rich Southern family?”.

5. The first day of Spring!

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