On the menu – more social media cooking


This was Vegan Singapore Noodles from the ever excellent Minimalist Baker. As you can see, I managed to cremate the vegetables a bit, so I’ll reduce the cooking time a bit next time (and there will be a next time) but otherwise this was delicious and rather spicy.

NB: I’m still avoiding soy, hence I didn’t include the optional tofu in this recipe (although it would have been so nice). You can’t just skip soy sauce though in this sort of thing, so I substituted with coconut aminos and I really couldn’t tell the difference, coconut aminos are meant to be quite good for you too.


My suspected food intolerances continue with possibly dairy to add to the list (thanks operation from last summer and I really liked cheese too). Now I had always thought that if ever I was shown to be intolerant or allergic to dairy, I’d go full on vegan, I’m not overly fond of eggs and the only meat I really like is positively not good for you (ie bacon) and I did try this week but I just can’t do it. I have massive respect for vegans, I just know that I would be a particularly bad one. In my few days of attempting veganism, not even a full week, I went to McDonalds twice, not to have a burger mind you, I don’t like burgers unless they’re veggie, no just because I couldn’t think of anything else to eat, when out and about in town, that was vegan, yet didn’t have soy, lentils or chickpeas in (my other intolerances) other than McDonalds fries (I checked, they are vegan, thank goodness, I’d be worried if they weren’t). I never normally go to McDonalds, their self service screens were a massive novelty to me!

So, I’m not a vegan but I’m still avoiding dairy, at least for the moment. So, I’ve been trying out almond milk, it’s okay in porridge but is it okay as frothy milk in coffee….? I’m not sure, it seems to froth up more than normal milk, so you get more volume, which isn’t the greatest thing when what you like about coffee is the actual coffee. It also, on first taste, tastes a little chemical-y and on second and subsequent tastes, tastes a bit like cardboard! So yes, not brilliant. Anyway, the recipe I inflicted this on is Cinnamon Sugar Latte from Runway Chef, I suspect it would have been quite nice with actual milk……


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