5 things I liked this week – 9.3.18

1. That it’s no longer snowy, icy and bitterly cold, I mean I liked it (maybe not the very cold bit) but I hate that stage where the snow has got all mushy and then it freezes over night and the next day the pavements are ice rinks, I hate that, so I’m glad that it’s gone.

2. Me and K actually had a date! We went to see a local comedy night which was really funny.

3. I’ve been meditating on and off since the end of December, recently though I’ve been trying to not miss days, I use the Headspace app and my current run of meditation is 10 days! That’s the longest I’ve ever got it to and I am definitely going to try and get that run even longer.

Getting more into the habit of doing it daily, I find myself actively looking forward to each session, it’s like a relaxing warm bath for the brain, although it isn’t always easy. I first tried meditation on a course, years ago and really didn’t like it, I had walked to this course each session (and this was before I took up hiking, so I didn’t have as much walking stamina as I do now), anyway, I’d get to the course, go through the intro bit, feet would feel fine (although it was a bit of a distance, it wasn’t horrendously long, even then), then we’d get to the meditation and my feet would hurt. This happened every single time and when I stopped meditating, the pain would stop. It wasn’t anything to do with me being in some fancy meditation position, I was just sitting on a chair. Anyway, equating meditation with painful feet, I obviously didn’t keep up the practice.

I realise now, having tried meditation again, that meditation encourages you to really listen to your body and that walk I was doing to that class all those years ago, was hurting my feet. I have bad feet (surgically corrected pes cavus) and although, sort of ironically, hiking has improved my feet these days (unless I jar my ankle, which I can do very easily and then argh!), back then I didn’t have that hiking practice, hence the pain and I think that because I’d lived with foot pain for so long, I’d become quite good at masking it out or at least not acknowledging it and that meditation class took that mask away and I did not like it. These days, with meditation attempt number two, I don’t seem to be having so many issues with my feet, so I’m not picking that up in my meditation practice but meditation can so easily pick up other problems, so that can be difficult to sit with during a session but at least if you’re aware that it’s there, you can work on it but most of the time I find meditation pretty relaxing.

4. I’m currently working on a volunteer research project, so I’ve spent some time in The British Library this week. Deep down I am an eternal student and I absolutely love big academic libraries, so I’ve been absolutely relishing it.

5. In my ‘day’ job (most of my shifts are in the evenings or weekends), I work for a number of different clients, which can be quite good, as the work for each client is usually quite different from any other client. Anyway, I always enjoy working for one particular client and with this client the shifts can vary quite a lot, they can be relatively easy shifts or really quite tricky shifts to handle. Anyway, after a run of easy shifts for this client, I had a shift where I was dealing with lots of issues and although it was horrible that those issues were there (the client is a charity that helps people, I can’t be more specific than that), I was glad to be doing a job where I was helping people and hopefully making at least a tiny bit of difference for the better.

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