On the menu – Everyday Super Food


So I bought Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food back when it came out (*quick check* 2015!) but I am pretty sure that I haven’t made anything from it, which is bad. So, in a ruthless frame of mind, I was staring at my overflowing recipe book shelves (yep very definitely plural) and thinking should some of those books still be on there? So I grabbed Everyday Superfood with the decision that if I couldn’t find anything in there that (a) I wanted to cook and (b) I actually like when I ate it, that I would get rid of it.

So, first up, Post-Gym Shopping Super Salad (in my defence those bags were super heavy). It’s a quinoa and chicken salad with lots of veg and I think that there may have been a typo with how many people this was meant to serve, it said 1 in the recipe, so I didn’t reduce any ingredients and well, this is the biggest salad I’ve ever seen. It was overflowing my big pasta bowl, in fact, there was some I couldn’t fit into the bowl. The recipe suggests, if you’re in a rush, to stick the salad in a wrap to go, how big would the wrap have to be!!!! Anyway, I am sort of aware that one of my ‘flaws’ is that I’m a grazer, I don’t normally eat very big meals, unless it’s pasta or Dominos Pizza but I graze a lot in between and often not very healthy options. So I am aware that if I could just start eating bigger meals, the unhealthy grazing temptation would stop (well, be less). So I ate my bowl of salad and now I have indigestion, so yay Jamie, I’m definitely not likely to eat anything other than polos between now and tea.

As for the actual salad, it was extremely filling, which is, I suppose, a good thing for a salad but it was a bit bland, I should have added a bit more sriracha. I don’t think I’m going to rush to make this again.


This is a pared down Asian Crispy Beef from Everyday Super Food (pared down because Jamie certainly wasn’t thinking of five ingredients when he made this book). This is another one of my attempts to eat more protein but argh, I am not good with cooking meat. In my defence, I think the timings for this were wrong anyway, just 5 minutes to cook the mince??? The mince still had pink bits at 5 minutes, it certainly wasn’t ‘crisp’. I went for 20 minutes, which is almost certainly too long. Anyway, it was okay, I’m pretty certain I won’t make this again though. As I was making this, one of my favourite lines from Coraline kept popping into my head (I’m probably heavily paraphrasing), it’s the line were Coraline says in disgust “Dad! You made a recipe”, as in please just give me stuff out of a packet that I actually like, whereas of course with this particular instance, as I made this for my kids, I feared that it would be a case of “Mum! You made a recipe”, although in reality, although S was “You really can’t not burn meat, can you?”, they did both eat it.

This is another Everyday Super Food recipe, Figgy Banana Bread and you guessed it, it was …… okay. I’ve had worse healthy banana breads but give me banana bread with butter in the recipe any day. This recipe had loads of stuff in it (other than the aforementioned butter, unfortunately); I’ll give it a big thumbs up for all being made in a food processor and for having poppy seeds in (poppy seeds for the win, always) and it was interesting having turmeric in the recipe too, although I added slightly too much, as my hand slipped (about 3/4 teaspoon instead of 1/2) and the turmeric pretty much overpowered the taste of the bananas, I don’t think that accidental extra 1/4 teaspoon really would have overwhelmed a perfectly balanced recipe that much. But the kids liked it, particularly S the teenager, Z was all “well, like, it’s okay”.

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