5 things I liked this week – 23.2.18

1. We went to see the Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens.

2. I had a nice walk in Richmond Park.

3. Enjoyed some gently spicy food.

4. Really liked listening to / reading (I have an audiobook / Kindle combo for this one) Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker, it’s totally fascinating.

5. Ironically, I’ve been reading Why We Sleep during a week where I’ve had some really bad sleep, thanks to a bad gum infection which then triggered my TMJ, so reading about some of the horrible things that happen to your body, just from missing just an hour or two of sleep, I was like “yep, I can see that”, so one of the things I really liked this week was finding Gengigel mouth rinse (not sponsored or anything). As someone who has had gum issues in the past, I’ve been there done that with a lot of mouth washes and I’ve never found them that helpful (and I always remember one hospital dental surgeon that I met, in a unit that dealt with a lot of mouth cancers – not the reason why I was there – who was extremely against mouth washes, he said that rinsing with warm salty water was just as good and much better for you), anyway, from my not exactly tutored eye, Gengigel seems a lot more ‘natural’, well it doesn’t feel anywhere near to the harsh chemicals of a lot of mouth washes. Gengigel apparently contains hyaluronan, which is naturally found in the body, particularly the gums and helps control inflammation and wound healing. So anyway, I used it for a day and after two previous nights of waking up in pain every one to two hours and maxing out on painkillers, the night after I used Gengigel for the day, I woke up for painkillers once and slept for a solid six hour stretch. I could kiss the people who make this stuff. I’m still in a bit of pain, so I’m going to stick with this stuff (and I do have a dentist appointment next week) but oh it’s so good to wake up feeling a bit more refreshed and also knowing that I didn’t max out on painkillers during the night, so if I need some during the day I can still take some, phew!


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