On the menu – more spice


I, um, bought a book recently by one of the Hemsley sisters because I confused them with those Welsh-Italian sisters who did a lovely cookery show with pasta. Anyway, I bought it, I know I could have got a Kindle refund but I thought I’d have a quick look first and …. I decided to keep it. The big selling point for Eat Happy is that the recipes are all supposedly 30 minutes or less and so far, just based on one recipe mind you, that seems to be actually true (unlike those Jamie Oliver books). I’ve bought books by the Hemsleys before and sorry to any Hemsley fans reading this but they do rub me up a bit the wrong way because they make eating more healthily so elitist, not everyone can afford niche ingredients like quinoa flakes! And although obviously some people have medical conditions and intolerances where they can’t eat gluten, the Hemsleys and people like them have played a part in the demonisation of gluten in a way that encourages people who don’t have medical issues with gluten to still cut it out of their diet, a food stuff that we’ve been eating for hundreds if not thousands of years (and of course, gluten free stuff tends to be more expensive too). So rant over, I decided to try the Fajita Party recipe and ohh it was good! I made a few changes; no onion (because yes, there I am ranting about people avoiding gluten and I’m currently amongst other things avoiding onion, due to possible intolerances – I start reintroducing in April), olive oil as I’m dubious about coconut oil and I’m not splashing out on ghee and good old actual wraps instead of cabbage leaves (which are actually on my banned list too at the moment but I’d have gone for wraps anyway). Anyway with the chicken, peppers, courgette, paprika, cumin and oregano, it was all really nice and I will definitely make again. (Sorry if I’ve offended anyone with gluten intolerance issues, food intolerances and allergies suck and I know it’s horrible, it’s just that I worry that some people are skipping gluten for no reason than because certain influential foodies tell them too and it’s going to unnecessarily restrict their diets and cost more, if you suspect that you have a food intolerance, keep a food diary and talk to your doctor).


This was seriously nice too, Carrot, Cumin & Coriander Soup from Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, it was like a hug in a bowl, really easy to make and much nicer than a posh carton of soup. Will definitely make again.


This is an adapted Minimalist Baker recipe, Rich Red Curry With Roasted Vegetables , adapted because I made it just for one (me) and reducing some of the ingredients down to just one portion was a bit tricky. I also just used butternut squash for my veg, although as the recipe says, you can use pretty much anything.

I currently have a bad gum infection, which, as well as hurting like anything, has triggered my TMJ, so now I have two bits of my face feeling like it’s being stabbed, so needless to say I’m not currently getting much sleep, so this recipe, which was pretty simple (and made even simpler by using pre cut butternut, no way was I going to trust myself with a knife, ditto I also used frozen garlic and ginger), it was pushing at my current capabilities to stand up and cook, which is my way of saying, there may not be an ‘On the menu’ next week (although I will be seeing a dentist before then, thank goodness). But anyway, the curry was really nice and is definitely something I’ll remember to try different veg variations with.

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