Sneak peek – Fantastic & Pop

One of my current long term embroidery projects is the Naoshi Fantastic & Pop pattern from Sublime Stitching. Currently I’m adding some red mushrooms, to fill in some spaces. The piece will become a large tote bag, eventually. Anyone following my embroidery here, will notice that for once I’m not using Sulky Solvy! I’m trying to wean myself off that stuff anyway and the Fantastic & Pop pattern being so big, it would have been multiple sheets of the stuff, also, all that red embroidery floss, guaranteed colour leaching if I get it wet. I’m using Sublime Stitching’s carbon tracing paper and stylus thingy and so far I’m impressed! It’s particularly great with this project because I’m not transferring all the designs at once and it is so easy to go and add another motif between stitching. It’s also really lovely to be stitching on the actual fabric and not having an extra layer (the Sulky Solvy) between you, so you get to see the ‘finished’ stitching straight away and no more (well, less) loose stitches!

(No acrylic painting this week, as I’ve been busy with half term).

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