Sneak peek – another week of acrylic painting

I’m struggling to get into the habit of daily acrylic painting, with this month’s Creativebug daily challenge. I found it easier last month because painting from my imagination/what was happening on screen seems easier for me to do than painting from life. When painting from life, you have issues with light, the light in my flat is rubbish at this time of year and if I switch on my overhead light*, the light reflects off my acrylic and makes it harder to judge colours. Also, I found it easier when painting patterns in gouache and watercolour, to do a bit, leave it to dry whilst doing something else, then doing another little bit and so on and so on, acrylic painting seems to demand more concentrated blocks of time and in daylight too, so it feels harder to get painting time in. So, I’m a bit behind on this month’s challenge and I predict that I’ll get even more behind next week as it’s half term.

Most of the paintings I managed this week are not the things that Courtney paints on the challenge because I didn’t have them in the house. So I’ve been raiding my kitchen for other things instead.

(This was one of the objects, Courtney painted)

(Ooh look, a pepper again)

(This was from the day where we were meant to paint a branch with berries, which I do have in my garden but it was definitely more branch than berry, so I took a snippet of the bush next to it instead).

(This was another day where I grabbed whatever was in my kitchen. I knew that I was painting this close to the wind because my kids were about to be home any moment and I was in the living room – better light – and therefore, when the kids got home, I would have an audience, which I don’t like, as I get self conscious. As predicted, the kids came home mid carrot, I got an audience from S and I didn’t paint a very good carrot – S didn’t say that though, she has tact. S will be doing art GCSE – hopefully – and already gets very good grades in her art class, she wanted to paint a carrot after me, this is her version below. It’s a lot better than mine, she has more natural talent but also, I think, she’s had access to far better art education than I ever did in school. In an era where art education is suffering, she was lucky enough to have a dedicated specialist art teacher at school from 8 years old and she’s taught now by an art teacher who works part of her time in S’s school and the rest of her week in a national art institution, so S is very lucky. Also, mine and S’s styles are quite different)

* I realise I could use a desk lamp but I’m literally painting on an art board balanced on my lap, so I don’t have that option.

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