5 things I liked this week – 9.2.18

1. I’m currently volunteering at the London Transport Museum, I had a tour of the depot this week and it was fascinating.

2. The latest Space X launch, yes I know Elon Musk is a tech bro and it was a bit of a gimmick and yes, you could argue that the money could be better spent elsewhere but we have to continue developing our space technology and so far, our governments (perhaps rightly, due to other commitments) are struggling to do so, so if a billionaire with the money wants to send a car into space…. well good on him, I can think of a lot of worse things a rich man can do. Yes, technologies developed by Musk could be used for bad things (OTT military stuff for example) but also, well, one day, in the future, presuming we don’t all kill ourselves first, humanity may need, for its survival, to get into space and if we don’t develop our space technologies until that point of dire need, well then we’re screwed. We need to look forward, there is not enough of that on this planet, governments aren’t looking forward sufficiently enough (or at all, orange turd brain) towards the damage caused by our carbon emissions and we aren’t looking forward to how we’re going to sustain an expanding population indefinitely. Elon Musk’s car is just one small baby step on that journey.

3. The Headspace app is so lovely, I’ve been using it for a while now and the Headspace guy must have the most relaxing voice on the planet and I love the animations.

4. Finally finishing Fire and Fury, it was an interesting book but you do kind of feel like you need to wash your brain out after reading it, especially as it sort of (very, very, very slightly) made me feel sorry for Steve Bannon (ugh!!!!). Don’t worry, the epilogue put paid to any remote sympathies for the man but reading the book and comparing Bannon with Jarvanka (Jared and Ivanka), at least Bannon believes in something (even if it’s horrible), whereas Jarvanka are clueless idiots just purely out for themselves (like their father/father-in-law). I should point out though, reading Fire and Fury, you could tell that Wolff got most of his stuff from Bannon, so I can imagine a book written by a journalist who was having chinese with Jared and Ivanka instead of Bannon, would put things in quite a different light. Anyway, I’m glad that I read it but I’m glad that I can move onto something else now.

5. A walk in Richmond Park.

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