Sneak peek – another (not so good this time) week of Lisa Congdon’s pattern class

This week in Lisa Congdon’s pattern class it was fruit and veg and um, I’m not very good at drawing fruit and veg, particularly pomegranates it seems. The first piece of the week, the aforementioned pomegranates was a bit of a disaster.

Then it was watermelons (okay), beetroot (my best one I think this week), peas (hmmm), more pomegranates, so I went off piste and did not do pomegranates again but it was still hmm, big fruit (okay) and citrus fruit (which had good bits and awful bits).

The whole month is meant to be done in gouache, although you can use watercolours or even pens. I’ve been doing some days with gouache and some days with watercolour, I like gouache but it’s more expensive than watercolour and you (well I do anyway) end up wasting some because even the smallest amount I can squeeze out of the tube is usually too much and even more so if you’re mixing colours, so I’ve been using watercolours more often. However this week, other than the disaster pomegranate piece and the citrus piece, I’ve been using gouache, so even though I haven’t felt particularly happy with most of my pieces this week, I do feel like I’ve progressed with my colour mixing.

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