5 things I liked this week – 26.1.18

1. Me and S went to see the ballet! We went to see the Moscow City Ballet perform Swan Lake. We had the extremely (relatively speaking) cheap seats, so were very high up but we still had a good view. S is a dancer and a musician, so she enjoyed seeing the dancing and the orchestra (although we couldn’t see the orchestra that well from where we were sitting). I being definitely not a dancer and not really a musician (although I played the oboe – badly – in my youth and loved playing in orchestras), enjoyed it too. Having been to a lot of amateur dance productions, S’s dance school puts on dance shows which are pretty much massive adverts to the parents of the younger kids, basically, ‘keep paying us money and one day your daughter will dance like one of the older kids’ and the older kids in the dance school are really good, so I’ve developed an appreciation of mass choreography. I always prefer the pieces were there are a lot of dancers on stage, I’m in awe of the synchronisation and the visual effect it creates, so I loved all the classic swan dances, so beautiful with their simple white bodices and tutus. The costumes in general were all gorgeous too, I was geeking out at the embroidery and just the general craftmanship.

2. I am currently trying to be (amongst other things) soy free, I do feel a bit healthier for it, although I’m still not 100% from my last surgery plus general January lurginess. I think, from everything my body has been through, I’ve developed a hopefully temporary intolerance to legumes, cabbage and possibly onion. I’m planning on avoiding all three things for at least three months and then slowly reintroduce, to see if they’re still causing problems. With the legumes, I don’t eat beans anyway (don’t like them) and I could live permanently without soy, if necessary, I’ve never been that convinced that it’s good for my body but chickpeas and especially lentils, argh, what I would give for a good lentil bolognese or lentil soup right now! So, I hope (desperately) that I’ll be able to come back to lentils and chickpeas because it’s not making my semi-vegetarian diet particularly good right now. With the soy, like I say, I’m not totally convinced it’s good for my body anyway (just based on my medical history) but trying to avoid soy is the hardest to avoid out of the things I’m avoiding right now because it is in (it feels) everything! For example, bread, I make bread when I can, why the f*** do bread manufacturers feel like they need to put soy flour in it????? Luckily I have found a brand of bread that doesn’t have soy flour in it (Jackson’s, I could kiss you). Asian food is pretty much out for me at the moment as well because of soy sauce but I have been doing my research and I may invest in a bottle of coconut aminos as a substitute, reading up on coconut aminos, they sound a lot better than soy sauce anyway! Anyway, why is this a like? Well, I found a brand of chocolate that doesn’t have soy in this week! Doisy and Dam I could kiss you too (although if you’re soy free, not all of their flavours are, so double check their ingredient lists). I tried their Date and Himalayan Pink Salt this week and it was absolutely gorgeous.

3. There’s a new Inspector McLean out and I’ve read it already (I devoured it). If I were to be really picky, I’d say The Gathering Dark is not my most favourite one but it was still lovely to be back in McLean’s world and I particularly loved how James Oswald was ramping up the menace in McLean’s life, things are going to go even less smoothly for the Inspector in the next book I think.

4. A really good chorizo quesadilla.

5. Lunch with my sister.

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