On the menu – ‘Date Night’ Macaroni, ‘Soft’ Bread Rolls & back to Hugh FW


This is the Date Night Macaroni from Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese. It’s called Date Night because it’s got a lot of garlic in but as someone who loves lots of garlic, the garlic was certainly noticeable but certainly not overpowering. I rather liked the toasted panko breadcrumb and oregano topping too.


I’ve made James Morton’s Soft or Crusty Rolls recipe (from his Brilliant Bread) before but I can’t remember whether I tried the soft option or the crusty option, I do remember though that it didn’t work very well, the result like miniature, misshapen cannon balls. But I wanted/needed bread rolls and although I’ve probably got countless bread roll recipes in my many baking books, this one was the only one I could remember, so to save myself having to look for another, I tried it again, going for the soft option.

Anyway, I do need to get back into the habit of making more bread in 2018, okay the proving takes a while but the actual hands on time is so minuscule (particularly with some of James Morton’s methods, which require no kneading, just a quick turn – although kneading is fun). I made these bread rolls during spare moments during a quite busy afternoon and that’s (my excuse) why they’re a bit misshapen but otherwise I managed to fit it in.

The result? Well, the key, apparently, to getting soft rolls, is to cook them at a higher temperature for less time, so the crust doesn’t develop. I cooked my rolls for the suggested time and hmm, they were still a bit crusty and, because they were cooked for such a relatively short time, I was concerned about whether they were cooked all the way through but they turned out okay, I think.

This is a perfectly doable recipe but I think I do, as well as cooking more bread in 2018, need to find a more reliable roll recipe.


I’m not a massive fan of kale, so I wasn’t convinced that this, Roast Squash, Chilli and Kale from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s More Veg would be particularly nice but I thought I’d give it a go. And yay for me for trying this because this was gorgeous, garlicky, paprika-y and gently spicy, will definitely make again.

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