On the menu – Mug Bread


I like nice bread to go with the cold meats and beer for Christmas tea. I would probably, to be honest, normally go and buy some but we were away this Christmas and not in easy reach of nice, fresh bread (particularly with the shops shut the day before). So I made sure I took some bread flour and a sachet of fast yeast with me when I traveled this year. I had my phone with me after all, with far too many baking books on it, so I wouldn’t be short of recipes. However, I didn’t think about scales or mixing bowls, so I would have been a bit unstuck had I not remembered that one of my baking books, James Morton’s Brilliant Bread, had a recipe for bread you could make with a mug, no scales needed. (I solved the problem of the mixing bowl by using the giant Tupperware tub that I had bought the remains of last week’s ginger loaf in.

Anyway, the recipe is incredibly easy to do, not even any kneading, just a tiny bit of turning, so although of course there’s lots of rising time, actual hands on time is minuscule, so perfect if you’re at a relatives with minimal kitchen equipment. The result too, is gorgeous, a lovely crisp chewy crust and soft and airy inside.

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