2017 Music

I am a sucker for end of year stats, so I always look forward to the Spotify ones. This year my stats are pretty much Show Ponies, Show Ponies and more Show Ponies, they’re a country – blue grass kind of band, their song, Kalamazoo, from their album this year, is just perfect.

A juxtaposition to all that country was Jamiroquai, who I only heard that they had a new album out because I happened to catch them on Top Gear. The album is a good ‘un and has had me dancing down the aisle of the supermarket, whilst I did my shopping, listening to their music, plenty of times.

Other top artists for me this year have included Newton Faulkner (who had another good album out this year), Ed Sheeran (who of course had an album out this year) and the fifth name on my top five, well, I had to google it but Justin Hurwitz did the La La Land soundtrack, which I listened to a lot, the beginning of this year.

You can catch some of my other frequently listened to songs on my 2017 playlist, as well as all the people mentioned above, there’s also The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion singing Bellbottoms (a particular favourite of mine this year), Idris Elba (always a favourite), Beyoncé (love Daddy Lessons), Jake Bugg (who I saw live this year and was fantastic), Jake Morley, David Gray, Linkin Park (I will so miss Chester) and Zoe Keating (who I also saw play live), amongst many other tracks I’ve been dancing in the street to.

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