A winter’s walk

Have you seen the #thedarkisreading hashtag on Twitter? It’s a read along of the wonderful The Dark is Rising, which was my favourite book of all time, back when I was a kid. It starts today, 20th December, Midwinter’s Eve, which is when the book starts and it will follow along until Twelfth Night (the day the novel ends). #thedarkisreading is organised by @RobGMacfarlane and @juliamarybird.

Anyway, I could have sworn I still had my copy (the whole sequence in one book) because why on earth would I get rid of it? But I couldn’t find it, so I rushed to find another copy, so that I could join in. As it turns out, finding another copy was quite difficult, now I know I could have just bought the ebook but that is just not the same when reading books like this one. Amazon didn’t have it in stock and neither did my local bookshop. I managed to find out though, that there was a copy in a bookstore in Wimbledon, so I rushed to reserve it.

Now I had been planning on going for a walk today, anyway and, as it happens, had been thinking of doing Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common anyway, so I thought that I’d walk to the bookstore.

Now I know that walking very nearly 9km to get to a bookshop is probably a little excessive (and I could have got the train) but walking through the wintery landscape of Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common, seemed quite fitting for the book.

I so loved how darkly menacing the book was, when I was a kid and whereas kids these days would give anything to get a letter from Hogwarts, when I was that age, I would have given anything to find out that I was an Old One.

For me, The Dark is Rising encouraged an appreciation of old stories and started a life long love of books where everything seems normal at first but just under the surface, there’s a layer of magic.


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