On the menu – Mince Pie Cookies and Creamy Tomato Pasta


I made Nigella’s Cranberry mince pies on Friday (not blogged, as not a new recipe for me, I make them pretty much every year, they have the perfect mincemeat for people who don’t like mincemeat) and as I had some mincemeat left, I made Mince Pie Cookies from a recipe by Jamie Oliver. I only had about 280g mincemeat (not the 411g recommended in the recipe) but it was more than enough. Anyway, these were nice, putting Nigella’s intensely gorgeous mincemeat in a cookie does dilute the taste a bit but as I often have trouble using up all my mincemeat, putting it in a cookie is a good one to remember.


Linguine with Tomato and Rosemary sauce (I missed out the capers in the recipe) from Olive magazine was made because I had some cream to use up and it’s okay, I’m maybe a bit of a traditionalist but I tend to like either my pasta sauces to be tomato-y or creamy, not both, but still, as I already had all the ingredients, it was a quick and easy meal and possibly something to remember for the future.

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