Sneak peek – Floral Field ‘Finished’

When I started work on Floral Field (a pattern by Thread Folk), I only had ‘just’ enough white fabric to work on, I knew I was pushing it but I was too impatient to wait until I could go out and get some more. Hmm, I paid for that impatience, the fabric shrunk a little when I washed off the Sulky Solvy, so I can now no longer mount the fabric back in the hoop. So for the moment, the ‘finished’ piece is clipped up in my craft ‘cupboard’, which is actually a piece of wall between my bedroom door and my wardrobe, which appears to be a cupboard when the bedroom door is open (which it is, mostly, during the day) because the open bedroom door completely hides my craft stuff in the little nook, it and the wardrobe, creates. Anyway, I have an idea how I can use the finished piece, I just need to get my sewing machine out.

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