London Mithraeum

We went to see the London Mithraeum today, an ancient Roman temple under the Bloomberg building in the City of London. And it was ….. okay. Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job with what they had, it’s not often you can see ancient Roman ruins under London and the whole presentation of it it, with the helpful staff, interactive display of Roman items, tiny art gallery, Joanna Lumley doing the voice over in the nicely lit waiting area prior to going to the actual temple and the light and soundscape in the temple itself, was all great and it is awing to see something that’s 2000+ years old but, okay, maybe I’m spoilt but I have seen bigger Roman ruins, so it wasn’t “wow, this is amazing”, although it is always good to be reminded exactly what is beneath our feet. Also, maybe don’t take a bored 12 year old along with you.

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