Sneak peek – a resolution

I haven’t done much crafting this week, as I’ve been hit by the ‘spring’ cleaning urge. I’m working my way around the flat; kitchen is done, my bedroom is done and I’m currently doing the living room. We live in a small flat and over the years I’ve culled, culled and culled my stuff again (as the only person in the flat who has hobbies that don’t involve screens, although to be fair, S is a dancer but she obviously doesn’t do that in the flat – much, I will admit that most of the extraneous stuff in the flat is mine) but I’ve reached the point where it’s getting much harder to get rid of stuff. I have again, with this round of deep cleaning, got rid of stuff but it’s still at the point where storage is in very short supply.

Anyway, one of the things that I’ve particularly noticed, this time round, is how much storage is being taken up with either works in progress or materials for future projects not yet started. So I have a resolution, it’s for 2018 really but I might as well start now, for 2018 I will not start any new project, so to be a bit more specific about that, what I can work on are –

  • Existing work in progress.
  • Projects involving material I’ve already purchased but may not have started yet.
  • My book inspiration project (I’m counting that as an already existing work in progress).
  • Business projects.

So hopefully by the end of 2018, I will have cleared some space and saved some money (although I’m not ruling out buying stuff if an existing project needs it), fingers crossed!

(Photo of current work in progress – pattern by Thread Folk)

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