Thames Path (South) – Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge (section 2)

So, I did the next section of the Thames Path (south) today, section 2. I had been looking forward to it because hey, Albert Bridge to Tower Bridge is pretty much the central London bit but nah, actually this section was pretty much a damp squib.

It starts off okay, Battersea Park.

But then you have to do a massive detour around Battersea Power Station.

And even when you think you’ve past all the building work around the old power station, okay, you’ve passed that but guess what, more building work and detours.

And when you do eventually get back to the river….

… it isn’t for long because MI-whatever (I can never remember which is which), obviously don’t want you walking in their backyard, so there’s another detour.

And then you get to the bit that is very touristy, less detours though.

So, if you fancy doing this particular section but you aren’t interested in doing the whole of the Thames Path, I would honestly skip the first half (pretty much) and start from Lambeth Bridge, I would also suggest choosing slightly less grey and cold weather than I did. If this post knocks around for a bit and you’re googling this in the future, it does look like the path around Battersea will improve but I doubt the spies will ever want people walking through their patch, so there will always be detours at least somewhere on this bit but hopefully it will have got a bit better than how I found the path today.

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