A completed sketchbook

I’m a big fan of Traveler’s Notebooks.


Although mine has way too much stuff in.


Anyway, if you don’t know Traveler’s Notebooks, they’re great, you can get loads of different notebook inserts, plus things like little folders, to store your junk little bits and pieces in. In mine I have two plastic folder things, a cardboard folder, post it notes, a string envelope I’ve stuck to the back of the post it note holder, a diary, a grid notebook which I use for general notes, a journal (I use the thin paper notebooks for those, otherwise I get through them too quickly), a kraft paper notebook (which is taking up space really, I doodle in it, etc, but when I eventually use it up, I won’t be replacing that one) and a watercolour paper notebook. I’ve just finished my watercolour notebook (not used exclusively for watercolours), I started it on 28th November last year, so it’s lasted me a year but that is probably a lot to do with me being very stop-start with my drawing. Anyway, here are some of my sketchbook spreads that I’m not totally embarrassed about seeing the light of day (some may have been blogged about before). A lot of them have been inspired by online classes I’ve taken with Lisa Congdon and Molly Hatch, sketches from out and about (principally Kew and V&A) or just stuff from around my house / back garden.


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