On the menu – recipes from Tasty, Gino’s Pasta and Twitter


I really wanted to make chocolate chip muffins, using the sort of recipe where you just stick everything in a bowl, stir it with a wooden spoon, stick it in the oven and hey presto. Could I find such a recipe in my massive bookshelf full of cookery books, my rather extensive Kindle and iBook collection and the entirety of the whole blinking internet? No. I did find a few chocolate chip muffin recipes online but they were all either fancified with additional flavourings (pomegranate????) or were very definitely not one bowl methods. I will keep on looking but I may have to make my own recipe, whichever way I go, when I do eventually find this mythical recipe for good, easy to make, chocolate chip muffins, I’ll have to tattoo it on myself or something because this was not the first time, by far, I’ve gone on a failed hunt for a chocolate chip muffin recipe. The problem is, I think, that chocolate chip muffins are so ubiquitous, they’re everywhere in supermarkets and cafes and they’re always bad, always inevitably mass produced, they’re stodgy things you could use as a sponge to clean the sink with, not eat. Maybe recipe writers don’t want to have a go at creating something that is so everywhere and often not that nice but can you imagine it, a good chocolate chip muffin? Sigh.

Anyway, in my fruitless search I did find a recipe for One Bowl Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from Tasty and it was honestly the closest thing I could find to meet my requirements, so I made that and ooh it was nice, just the right amount of chocolaty and soft but not stodgy and not too sweet. So I have a temporary fix for my chocolate chip craving but I’m still desperate for a chocolate chip muffin recipe….



This, officially Penne Con Zucchine e Salame Gratinate in the Gino’s Pasta book, was absolutely delicious. I switched the salami for chorizo and just used the pasta I happened to have. It was nice, in that there were crispy bits (always gorgeous) and also, although it was cheesy, it wasn’t that cheesy (and whilst macaroni cheese is always nice, sometimes you want something a bit lighter), it was also so full of flavour.

Also, on Sunday, because I always do what people on the internet tell me to do (not always!), I thought I’d try this.

And yes, I can report that it soooo works (I think that one tweet must have caused a little spike in Jaffa Cake sales because as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to try it and I bet I wasn’t the only one). You definitely have to eat warm Jaffa Cakes with a spoon but that adds to the whole pudding experience I think, ooh all meltingly chocolaty – orangeness, I want more!


These were meant to be Butternut Squash Fries (from Tasty), okay I suppose I could have cut them into more of a fry shape but really, whatever shape they are, it’s really just roasted butternut squash, nice though because roasted butternut squash is always so.

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