5 things I liked this week – 10.11.17

1. Travel Man being back on TV.

2. Autumnal Richmond Park.

3. The latest episode of Star Trek Discovery (even if it didn’t have Captain Lorca in much).

4. Starting a new walking challenge.

5. The Blake and Avery series by MJ Carter, I’ve been devouring the series (although the beginning of the first book is a bit slow). The first book is set in India at the time of the East India Company but the other two are set in Victorian London and I love how Carter puts in so much historical detail without it seeming forced. I’ve read too many books recently where the author has been very obviously ramming their research down your throat, whereas with the Blake and Avery books, you come away from them knowing more about the Thuggee (first book), the printing trade and the Chartists (second book) and the Reform Club (third book) whilst still being entertained by great stories. The series also feels increasingly relevant to today, as it tackles things like propaganda, the power of the few over the many and the fear of the ‘other’.

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