Starting the Thames Path (south) – Teddington Lock to Mortlake

After finishing the Capital Ring, I needed another walking challenge, so I’ve decided to do the Thames Path (just the London bit). There are two routes, north bank and south bank naturally and I plan to do both (unless I get really bored of walking by the Thames, there isn’t exactly any hills – obviously and it’s rather difficult to get lost). As I’m a south London girl, I decided to do the south route first.

Now, as with the Capital Ring, the route is divided into sections but the sections on the Thames Path are much longer but they’ve divided each section into subsections, I decided to do sections 1a and 1b today, which is 11km but by the time I’d walked to the starting point, Teddington Lock and then at the end, when I managed to find a bus stop, it came to 14.5km, which, according to my walking app, is the longest I’ve ever walked (well, since I’ve had the app anyway).

As I live near Teddington Lock and often walk by the river in that area, all of section 1a (Teddington Lock to Richmond) and most of section 1b (up to Kew), were very familiar to me and I am a fickle walker who craves novelty , so it was a bit *yawn*, particularly as I well knew before setting out, that this time of year, most of the path is wet and muddy, so I spent most of my time looking at the floor, watching where I was putting my feet.

Most of the path looks like this.

But I still got some photos in.

Coming into Richmond

Richmond itself

Some local birds (they’re parakeets)

A bend in sight!

A sneak peek of Kew over the wall

And finally a bit of the north bank just after Kew (I think that I may be spending a good chunk of my south bank walk photographing the north bank and vice versa)

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