On the menu – Fun with celeriac, an unsuccessful salad and another nice pasta from Art of the Larder


Celeriac and parsley soup is another recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s More Veg and it was okay. It was warm, thick and comforting but a little bland and not a patch on my favourite butternut or beetroot soups. Still thumbs up me for eating a vegetable that I don’t eat that often.


Have you ever had one of those dishes where you’ve only made it because you’re trying to use up a vegetable that you’re not that keen on and you’re trying to be healthy and you’re not convinced that the dish is going to be particularly nice and then you chivvy yourself to put some in your mouth and it turns out to be absolutely delicious? No, it doesn’t happen often for me either but it did here because this, celeriac, toasted buckwheat sunflower seeds and parsley (from More Veg again) was absolutely gorgeous! The way how the celeriac is chopped and roasted makes it more like you’re eating chips than something good for you and the lemony – mustardy dressing alongside the parsley and the seeds makes for a lovely texture- flavour combination. The recipe calls for buckwheat but I couldn’t find any, so I used one of the recommended alternatives, sunflower seeds, which was lovely but I so want to try this with buckwheat too. I can suddenly see myself buying celeriac much more often, although probably not to make that soup again.


This, mango, spinach and buckwheat sunflower seed salad from More Veg, was a bit of a faff and not really worth it. I couldn’t get the dressing to work, so improvised my own and although it was edible, I won’t be making it again.


This was All’Amatriciana from The Art of the Larder and it was absolutely delicious, I trusted the recipe, using whole tinned plum tomatoes instead of (my usual) passata or (sometimes) tinned chopped tomatoes and the trust paid off, gorgeous!

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