Sneak peek- SeptemberHouse

I got a bit dispirited by my Mario unpicking, so I did another embroidery this week, one of these lovely patterns from Corinne at SeptemberHouse, it’s finished but I used red embroidery floss and Sulky Solvy, always a risky combination and of course some of the red dye from the floss leached out when I rinsed the Sulky Solvy off, so I need to run the piece through the washing machine with a dye catcher. So, in the meantime, I thought that I’d dig through my embroidery archives *cough, my old Flickr account* and show you some of my old pieces that I’ve made using SeptemberHouse patterns because I love those patterns and when I was learning to embroider, SeptemberHouse and Sublime Stitching were my go to pattern people.

The two Christmas pieces above were teacher gifts stitched back in 2012.


This was a pattern SeptemberHouse designed for the &Stitches magazine (issue 1), another one stitched back in 2012, this was originally on a swim bag for me but my son inherited it and used it for years, in fact it’s still hanging up in my bathroom now.


This was one of the very first ‘adventurous’ stitches I did, way back in 2010, using reverse applique, I remember thinking that it was rather tricky but I was quite pleased with the results, it was a present for my sister.


These were another teacher gift, stitched back in 2011. The book lady on the left is part of the classic SeptemberHouse pattern set which I still adore and is still available in the SeptemberHouse shop. (The pattern on the right was a pattern from a what is now a very old copy of Cross Stitcher magazine).

I’m sorry, that on a whole, I’ve just talked about a whole load of patterns that don’t exist anymore but I definitely recommend a good check out of the SeptemberHouse shop, if you want Christmas patterns (*ahem*, don’t forget to check out mine), there are two gorgeous sets and if you want dogs, there are these cute guys.

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