On the menu – More ‘More Veg’, ‘The Art of the Larder’ plus another cake from Nigella



This one was from The Art of the Larder by Clare Thomson, really simple but really nice, spaghetti* with pecorino and black pepper says it all really.


Another Hugh FW More Veg recipe, Roast New Potatoes and Courgette with Dill. This was okay, I like making roast new potatoes but I think that my normal recipe, a heavily bastardised version of a recipe from the Friends cookbook (yep, it was the first cookbook I ever bought), is nicer. My normal roast new potatoes recipe also has courgette in but it also has red peppers, sometimes red onion and often chopped up (pre-cooked) veggie sausage tossed in close to the end, there maybe some chilli and/or rosemary in there too, oh and garlic of course, whereas this recipe just had lemon and more delicate herbs and so, with so little assistance, the courgette was a bit bland. Still, lemon with my roast new potatoes is new to me, so that’s something that will probably end up tossed into one of my bastardised recipes at some point, as it was nice. If you make this, be prepared with a chunk of good bread at the side because you’ll want to mop up the juices and/or a good rocket salad (but then again I do think that the latter goes with everything).


This was Roast Squash and Walnuts, Two Ways from the More Veg book and it was absolutely delicious. Basically squash roasted with onion, chilli, rosemary, garlic and walnuts and then half roughly puréed. It feels like a really fancy meal but there’s actually relatively little hands on involved, the oven does all the work. (And ooh I’m growing to love walnuts in savoury things).

This was Pappardelle Tagliatelle with Cream, Radicchio Rocket and Prosciutto from The Art of the Larder and it was absolutely delicious. I added rocket, right at the end, instead of radicchio because I couldn’t find the latter in the supermarket and I thought that rocket would be a suitable bitter leaf substitution (also I added rocket right at the end, so that I could dish up a leafless version for S first).


This was roasted squash and cauliflower soup with sage from the More Veg book. Cauliflower is one of those veg that I’m trying to get into my diet and as I love butternut squash, I thought that this soup would be a good vehicle and it was okay, the problem being that a good roasted butternut squash soup (just butternut, although maybe with some onions) is absolutely gorgeous and whereas this, with the cauliflower was a bit meh in comparison. However, it was edible and as I made a big batch, I think that S who likes butternut squash and cauliflower in equal measures, will like this.


This was a sour cream cake with flecks of dried raspberry from the latest Nigella book. It was okay, the sour cream totally overpowered the raspberry though.

*The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that actually, it’s tagliatelle 🤷‍♀️.

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