On the menu – more Hugh, Nigella and Ed Smith plus some John Whaite


I am trying to increase the number of different types of veg I eat, I’m not good with root vegetables, unless it’s potatoes, carrots, beetroot or at a push, parsnip. So, anyway, today’s attempt was swede, I have eaten swede before, it is quite nice mashed but in this, roast swede vegeree from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s More Veg, it was a bit hmmm, better than last week’s turnip though. As for the rest of the dish, it was rather nice! So it was unfortunate that whilst eating it, with every mouthful of swede, I couldn’t help but think it would have been much nicer with roasted butternut instead.

(Not the best photo, even by my standards, this was slapped on the same plate I’d grated the cheese on. This was just before going on my shift, cooking).

The swede thing was for lunch, it was John Whaite’s Marmite and Cheddar Welsh Rarebit for tea, from his book Comfort and oh it was delicious. There’s something so satisfying about cheese and marmite melted together and the amber ale shone through too.

And this is Emergency Brownie from Nigella’s At My Table, a recipe designed for those moments where a massive brownie making session would be a very bad thing in deed. This makes just two (if you really like your brownies) or four portions (if you’re being more modest). I can see this being a good recipe for students.

Anyway, as for the actual brownie, well I’ve had some not exactly bad brownies recently but they certainly weren’t peak brownie, which prompted me to make my own. Unfortunately this recipe (in my opinion) isn’t peak brownie either, as to me, brownies should be slightly more chewy on top but that could just be my personal preference and home made brownies are always 10x nicer than shop bought, so this is a useful recipe to have because having twelve portions of brownies in the house never does me any favours.


Waste not, want not, I still had some swede to cook so I made the Nutmeg Neeps recipe from Ed Smith’s On The Side. This was much nicer than the roast swede of the day before, although swede is never going to be a vegetable that I’ll rush to cook. The nutmeg neeps went incredibly well with the much stronger flavoured Braised Red Cabbage and Beetroot, also from On The Side. The cabbage was absolutely gorgeous, although I’m always rather fond of the stuff anyway. It was very sweet though, reduced down to almost barbecue sauce intensity but then again, a good barbecue sauce is lovely. Think I may be making the cabbage for Christmas (although possibly in the oven, which is an option, I always have problems with stuff catching when I cook stuff slowly on the stove), I may even make the nutmeg neeps too.

And for tea I made Cumin Seed Cake from Nigella’s At My Table and it was absolutely delicious. It’s an odd cake with the cumin but it’s nice, warming and comforting and the cake itself is melt in the mouth. For the record, my fussy taste testers, aka my kids, Z liked this and S refused to touch it but in her defence, she doesn’t like plain cakes (strange child).

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