Capital Ring – the final section (for me)

So, the final Capital Ring section for me, I had started, back in February 2016 on section 7 and today I finally did section 6, Wimbledon to Richmond. I had been looking forward to this one, as section 6 is home turf, well the Richmond Park bit of the section is anyway, despite living relatively nearby for years, this was the first time I had visited Wimbledon Park and Wimbledon Common.


First up was Wimbledon Park, which, it turns out, has a very nice lake.

Next was Wimbledon Common, which, surprisingly, has a windmill.


There was also lots of nice wooded bits.

Then it was on to Richmond Park; the Common and the Park are right next to each other and it made me smile, that on the road crossing between the two, as well as a crossing for pedestrians and cyclists, there’s also a separate crossing for horses, complete with horse rider height buttons and a large, corralled off central area, for the horses to wait for the lights to change, safe from the busy road. Anyway, I thought that was cool, back to the park itself, I know most parts of it really well, although there was a new to me path into the centre of the park, as I don’t normally come in from that side.


The path leads eventually to Penn Ponds, which I do know well.


And then on to the side of the park I’m most familiar with.

It was then out at Petersham Gate, on to Petersham Meadows and then into Richmond.

And then on to the lamp post where I had started it all off 21 months earlier.


The last few sections of the Capital Ring had been a bit dull, mainly residential streets and a handful of very urban parks. When I go out for a walk, I walk for exercise but also, ideally, to explore and enjoy the scenery, those last few sections have very much been exercise only really but this, brilliantly, was both, which is always the best sort of walking. The Wimbledon to Richmond section is one of the longer sections, it is also very hilly, so it definitely fit the exercise bit of the equation too. It’s also, on a practical level, a bit better signposted than some of the other sections.

I’ll be doing a round-up post of the whole Capital Ring on Saturday, with a recap of some photos and the highlights and lowlights.

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