Capital Ring – Section 5

So, section 5, Streatham to Wimbledon, my penultimate section (I started on section 7). This was not a particularly gripping section, hence only one photo. Most of the route was through suburban streets and most of the green spaces (the few that there were), were, well, suburban, although bits of Wandsworth Common, basically the bit in the photo above, were nice. The personal highlight for me was walking past the first flat I lived in, in London, a mind-boggling 20 years ago now.

Of note for walkers attempting this section, the Capital Ring signs for large chunks of this, are so faded, all you can see is the black Big Ben on some of the signs, the green of the rest of the sign is completely gone. And in one case the sign was completely graffitied over. So keep an even closer eye out for signs than normal, although it is a pretty easy route to navigate, except for the bit close to the end, in a small green space just before you come out at Wimbledon Mosque, I completely lost the signs and couldn’t find the correct way out of the park, so I ended up detouring to find the road again.

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