A London Day Out

It was London Design Week this week, something that I always look forward to. So on my day off, I went for an explore. Now London Design Week is spread over the capital but there’s always a lot on at the V&A plus I wanted to see the Camilla Walala installation at Broadgate and (not Design Week related), there were some new Banksy murals at the Barbican that I wanted to see.

I always like the walking bit of going A to B in London and although I could have chosen a tube station much closer to Broadgate than Bank, I didn’t because I fancied the walk (and yes, I’ll admit, I have an escalator phobia). I don’t get to go to the City that often, so it’s always good to see the skyscrapers and the narrow streets.

When I eventually found the Walala installations (I was not excelling myself at map reading), it was a bit, hmm, well, ‘okay, that’s nice’ but it didn’t particularly fill me with feelings (other than the thought that it would be much more fun if they actually let people in it, maybe they do at certain times, I don’t know). The Greenwich thing we saw of hers was much better.

I then headed to the Barbican by foot. I spotted these on the way there.

Once at the Barbican I had to locate the murals. All the info I had was that they were in an underpass and a rough idea what the underpass looked like from glimpses of the background in photos of the pieces. I don’t know the Barbican that well, I suspect that people who do would be like “Oh they’re there!” from the descriptions in the newspapers but I had to do quite a bit of wandering around before I found them but I did in the end (and sorry, for anyone googling this, I still can’t give you anymore information than it’s in an underpass at the Barbican because I’m rubbish at directions). Anyway, it was really good to finally see some Banksy in real life, as they seem to pop up anywhere but London.

After that I headed to the V&A. Once there, that was more getting lost, as the Design Week exhibits are spread all over the place, although they do give you a map.

Amongst other things there were people dancing with robots.

A really cool installation called Metropolis in the Ceramics gallery.

A really lovely, soft fabric sculpture in the Tapestry gallery.

And then there was the Room of Reflection.

All in all, a good day out.

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