On the menu – I think I’ll buy my pesto from now on


I decided to try the pesto recipe in Gino D’Acampo’s Pasta book and, hmmm, I don’t think that I’ll be doing that again. I always feel ever so slightly guilty when buying store bought pesto, as I know how ‘easy’ it is to make your own, especially as some shop bought pestos aren’t that nice but after refreshing my memory of what actually making pesto is like, I think I can go back to happily buying pesto now. You see, the problem is, pesto requires a lot of basil, I bought a large supermarket basil plant for this, thinking that it would be more than enough, ha no. I needed 50g of basil, I got about 25g before almost decimating the poor plant. So my pesto turned out to be more a pine nut sauce than a pesto. It was okay, well, edible but considering how much store bought pesto costs versus what (as it turns out I needed) two supermarket basil plants would cost, store bought, even good quality store pesto is cheaper.

I guess that having a good pesto recipe to hand is useful if you have a glut of basil, although that is unlikely for me as I’ve never found even my sun trap back garden, ideal for growing basil. I have noticed my local market selling very large bunches of parsley and if they ever did that with basil, that would be good too. I think that homemade pesto is good if you’re using something other than basil; spinach is always good (and cheaper) and I’ve seen some lovely looking parsley pesto recipes for if I get inspired next time I see parsley for sale in the market but homemade basil pesto, hmm, I think I’d have to wait for a Italian retirement villa in the sun for that. Until then, I’ll just have to be picky about which brand of pesto I’ll buy.

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  1. I’m in love with pesto. And I will enjoy following along.

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    1. I love pesto too and although I always swear that I’m never going to try and make it myself again, I can never resist for that long. Thank you for following along!

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