Capital Ring section 4 – Crystal Palace to Streatham

I’ve nearly completed the Capital Ring (I started the Ring on section 7). I had planned to do both sections 4 and 5 today, as section 4 is quite short (6km) but my poor, operation scarred tummy was protesting, so I stuck at just the one. I think though, weather and time permitting, that I should hopefully manage to complete the Ring by next month (I don’t want to leave it much later than that, some bits of the Ring can be bleak in winter).

Anyway, section 4 is quite short but it is quite hilly (although there are considerably steeper bits elsewhere on the Ring, I think it was the relentlessness of it, that was tiring, I began to dread going down hill because I always had the feeling that that only meant that there would be another hill to walk up shortly). It isn’t the greenest part of the Capital Ring and it’s pretty much (nice) streets or suburban parks but the views on those hills are quite nice. The highlight of the walk is probably Norwood Grove (the house pictured above), which is not the greatest highlight ever but still, pretty.

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