Sneak peek – still going with the Mario map

Now that the kids are back in school, I had sworn to myself that I was going to pick up some crafts that weren’t the Mario map this week, huh, nope. I have made good progress on it though.

I’m the sort of person who, if she’s going to make a resolution to do anything, is more likely to do it in September rather than January, having kids has still so tied me into the academic year. And actually, in a way, I think that the academic year makes more sense than the calendar year, in the cycle of things; Autumn starts after the rest and relaxation of Summer. It’s far more obvious too, the changing nature of things, when the weather changes and the leaves start to turn rather than in January, where it’s still as cold and miserable in the first week of January as it is in the last week of December (although the last week of December is much more fun). So September feels far more like turning a new leaf than January does, to me anyway. So, anyway, I had planned to pick up some different craft projects this week but I didn’t but in the whole spirit of turning new leaves, I had also, amongst other things, vowed to eat more healthily, get more exercise, utilise the 5 minute rule (if a job takes 5 minutes or less, do it as soon as you see it, a trick I learnt from Unf*ck Your Habitat) and pick up more overtime at work and I have done quite well at those this week (I’m not 100% perfect on the 5 minute rule though) and well, I don’t think I should immediately expect myself to make all the changes, all at once, so it’s fine that I’m still sticking with my comfort cross stitch project.

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