5 things I liked this week – 1.9.17

1. A trip to the playground with the kids (my kids aren’t too cool for playgrounds yet but at currently 11 and 13, there’s not going to be that many more playground summers, although then again, we were at a photographer’s studio in an Eddie Katz – a kids indoor play area, which my kids are way too big for – and you should have seen them drool, they were so desperate to go on it).

2. Going to the aforementioned photographers, just a day out in a different, albeit grotty bit of London in the rain was nice, especially the Five Guys afterward. S had won the voucher for the photographer’s, which is why we went, although unfortunately we won’t be buying any extra photos because ouch expensive!

3. Finishing the second page of the Mario Map cross stitch! There are about thirty pages in total though 😳

4. I’m still working my way through the Matthew Bartholomew audiobooks (a series books set in 13th century Cambridge), some can drag, particularly the ones set outside Cambridge (I think because Cambridge itself is as much a character as all the people populating its streets) but I’m loving most of them and the characters are like old friends. I’ve hit a streak of good Bartholomew books recently, so I’ve devoured three this week.

5. Seeing an absolutely fantastic live acoustic set from Jake Bugg, in my (adopted) home town too! We’ve lived in Kingston for 13 years now and I have been vaguely aware that the town had a good music scene but as those years have been with a young family, I’ve paid pretty much zero attention to it but I am going to try and rectify that a bit now. Every time I see live music (or any live performance really), I remember again exactly how much I love watching people perform and vow to do it more often and then, don’t. Money is an issue, live performance in London can be really, really expensive but watching stuff locally seems a lot cheaper, the Jake Bugg gig was basically the cost of the album (which came with the ticket). It was in a lovely location too, a lovely old church dating back to 1120, so a small, intimate gig. And of course Bugg himself was brilliant, singing and playing absolutely flawlessly.


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