On the menu – Ranch stuff and Quesadillas


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Ranch dressing isn’t a particularly big thing in the UK, we do have it but we don’t have anything like the dried powder packet mixes that I’ve seen in some US recipes, such as this calzone recipe (scroll down for the chicken bacon ranch recipe). So, as I wanted to make the recipe, I had to find a recipe for homemade ranch dressing powder first, there are quite a few on Pinterest but I based mine off this one.


The calzone is the same method as the Hawaiian calzone I made last week, just a different filling and topping. The Ranch dressing powder was, umm, very ranchy, it was difficult to judge how much to put in (as I don’t know how big the packets are in the States), I may have put too much in, as it was a bit overwhelming, to an extent where you couldn’t really taste the bacon or the chicken, it was all just very savoury. It was still nice though and I think a bit better than last week’s Hawaiian version.



Carina from Carina’s Craft Blog, recommended to me that I try the Courgette & Garlic Quesadilla from The Savvy Cook (recipe here). Carina added extra garlic plus paprika, I was making these for the kids as well as myself, so I added the extra garlic (of course) but skipped the paprika (although paprika, yum). The result was delicious and yay for getting a vegetable that’s not carrots, peppers or cucumber into my pre-teen. If I were to make these just for myself (which I probably will), I think I would definitely give the paprika a try or possible chilli flakes, as chilli flakes always go well with courgette.

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