On the menu – waffles


I have a long mental list of gadgets that I would like to get for my kitchen, I’d need a bigger kitchen mind you but that list is there and I normally succumb eventually. One gadget I’d been thinking about for quite some time was a waffle maker and after recently seeing a spate of recipes for filled waffles, I couldn’t resist. Problem is, I didn’t want an electric waffle maker, they’re about the size of my toastie maker and I have trouble fitting that into my kitchen as it is, so I knew I couldn’t justify getting something else that size (not that I’m looking to replace my toastie maker anytime soon, as it is a very nice toastie maker but toastie machine makers should so make a machine where you could interchange the plates, so you’ve got a toastie machine one minute and a waffle machine the next, I’d buy that). Also, call me old fashioned but I like the idea of still doing stuff that used to be done on the stove, on the stove (plus stove top waffle makers are much cheaper and smaller). So, I bought a stove top waffle maker from Lakeland. I knew though, when I bought it, that it probably wasn’t the right size for those filled waffles I’ve been craving, the indentations aren’t big enough, but still, waffles! I followed the recipe on the box and yum, they were nice. We just had them plain (although as the recipe called for a nice dose of vanilla, they certainly weren’t bland), as this was a ‘let’s see how this thing works’ trial run but I can imagine these with all sorts of things and you can shape them into cones too, for ice cream. I particularly like the ice cream cone idea, as I hate conventional ice cream cones, blah! So I will experiment with toppings and although the recipe on the box worked really well, try some other waffle recipes too and I may try some filled waffles but I have a feeling that it’s going to get messy. Luckily this stove top waffle maker was cheap, a pay day treat, as I think that it’s very much an entry level hook rather than something I’m still going to be using to make waffles for my grandkids. Maybe the mythical toastie/waffle machine will materialise into existence or maybe one day, when I’m feeling really flush, I’ll get something like this to replace it but for the moment this is just a test to see if I’m actually going to regularly use the thing and you know, I think I probably will because as someone who is really rubbish at making pancakes, this looks like a really nice alternative.


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