Sneak peek – STILL more Mario Map

I’m still working on the Mario Map (pattern by Boxcat). At the moment I’ve got to the stage where I’m sort of waiting to get really bored of it but I haven’t yet, I think that’s down to quite a few things;

  1. When you’re on the mend but not feeling totally sparky, you need very non-taxing craft and although there are some hard bits in this pattern, basically getting the black lines in the right places, once you’ve done that, it’s just colouring in really, so easy.
  2. When you’re not feeling sparky, starting a new project or fishing out the bits of a harder project? Nope.
  3. That blue of the sea is very, very relaxing, luckily.
  4. The knowledge that when I stop working on this, I probably won’t pick it up for months, probably going on years, is keeping me going because I want to finish this, it’s for Z and although I have told him that it’ll probably be done by the time he’s a grown up and he can frame it and stick it up behind his office chair (he wants to run a gaming empire), so he knows he’s not going to get it anytime soon, I do want to get it done for him.


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